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Reumodol the 100% Natural Alternative

  • Di no al Reumofan Plus de Mexico
Say no To Reumofan Plus from Mexico
  • ReumoDol Original - Dolor e Inflamaion
REUMODOL Alternative
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No Al ReumofanREUMOFAN PLUS WARNING read on about *SERIOUS *POTENTIAL* DANGERS REPORTED* - Be Careful with REUMOFAN PLUS from Mexico! Read on to find out about the DANGERS of using certain Lots of Reumofan Plus and what the BEST Trully 100% Alternative to this Product is! DON'T PUT YOUR HEALTH AT RISK AND READ ON! (PARA VER ESTA INFORMACION EN ESPANOL CLICK AQUI)*

FDA Warns of Potential SERIOUS side-effects from using Reumofan Plus from Mexico and Mexico's Health Ministry REMOVES several Lots of Reumofan Plus from the Market for containing Undeclared DRUG Ingredients which with Long Term Use may cause the following Side-Effects:

  • Stomach Ulcers
  • Potential Liver Damage
  • Uncontroled Bleeding
  • May contribute to Strokes
  • Weight Gain
  • Dermatitis (Inflamation of the Skin or Rash)
  • And other Side-effects as it can interact with other Medications you may be taking Including the REPORTED DEATH OF 2 People.
  • Reumofan may help with the Pain..but you could be RIKSING YOUR HEALTH with long term use! Are you willing to take that RISK?

Where can I verify this Information about Reumofan Plus?

You can Verify this directly from the Food and Drug Administration at:

FDA Press-Release WARNING: http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm306348.htm

If you speak Spanish you can see a site in Mexico: http://www.zonafranca.mx/retira-cofepris-el-farmaco-reumofan-plus-por-considerarlo-peligroso/

This is a Serious Warning of Potential Dangers! See This Video From FOX News

What can I take for my Pain-Management that is Guaranteed 100% Natural? Is there an Alternative?

We understand that many people took Reumofan Plus for their Chronic Pain and that's the reason its such a sought out product. But YOU DON'T HAVE TO RISK YOUR HEALTH to be Pain-Free! There is a Guaranteed 100% Natural Alternative that my assist in controling Pain and Inflamation and restore the health of your skeletal system.


ReumoDol is The SAFE, Guaranteed 100% Natural Alternative to Reumofan Plus and proven to be helpful to assist in Pain-Relief and Inflamation.

ReumoDol is Guaranteed to be 100% Natural, Cleared for sale in the United States and Manufactured following all FDA Specificiations and Requirements for an Effective Natural Supplement! It has been proven by users to be THE MOST Effective Product that is Trully Natural for Joint-Health, to help Aliviate the Symptoms of Arthritis and Pain and Inflamation.

Protect your Health and Say "NO" to Reumofan Plus from Mexico...It is now Proven that some bottles contained UNDECLARED DRUG ingredients which are not listed on the Ingredients List and which may contribute to Ulcers, Blood Pressure Issues, Weight Gain and Much More Including 2 Reported Deaths...DONT RISK YOUR HEALTH! canstockphoto0665020.jpg

Why are Other Places and Web-Sites still selling Reumofan Plus?

Some stores and companies continue to Sell Reumofan Plus even after the warning was issued because They Don't Care and don't mind continuing to sell a product that has been questioned as to whether it is natural, and where some lots have been proven that IT IS NOT NATURAL and that in fact it has at least 2-3 Ingredients that are Undeclared Drugs which may cause harmful Side-Effects with coninued use. However, because the Recall was issued only in Mexico, technically distributors were not required to stop the sale, but were encouraged to do so.

Can I continue to use Reumofan Plus from Mexico if I Choose to?

The FDA's Recomendation is that  YOU STOP USING REUMOFAN PLUS IMMEDIATELY, and seek a Natural Alternative or speak to your doctor if you have any symptoms of side-effects. We have taken it upon ourselves to Inform you of the 2 Undelcared Drug ingredients that some Reumofan Plus Contains as well as their Potential Harmful Side-Effects which Include: Weight-Gain, Ulcers, Blood Pressure Issues, Emotional Issues etc. We encourage you to use a Trully Natural Alternative such as the GUARANTEED 100% NATURAL Formula ReumoDol but it is up to you to decide. 

But I really Liked Reumofan Plus, Plus it Worked for me! Why should I stop using it?

Reumofan Plus was indeed an Effective Product, and it generally worked Quickly as well as relieved pain quickly...BUT SOME LOTS WERE PROVENT NOT TO BE A NATURAL SUPPLEMENT! Being that it is better classified as a Medication, which contains Drug-Ingredients, Reumofan can cause many of the same Side-Effects as other Medications for pain...and there is also the Danger of it interacting with medications that you are currently taking! Why risk your Health Long-Term? You might prefer to use a trully Guaranteed 100% NATURAL Product that is SAFE, Effective and that will give you Amazing Results similar to Reumofan without the RISKS of using Reumofan Plus - READ MORE INFORMATION ON REUMODOL.

What are the Lots of Reumofan Plus that were affected?

At the moment, the Lot that was Tested and where Undelcared Drug ingredients were found end in 0916 (Expiration date for 2016).

Speaking of Trully Natural Alternatives, How Effective is ReumoDol when compared to Reumofan Plus?

Very Effective! Keep in mind that La Verdad de Reumofan ReumoDol is GURANTEED 100% NATURAL so obviously there is a difference between a Trully Natural Prdouct and a Pharmaceutical Drug (which is what Reumofan Plus is). Even then a Non-scientific study of 100 People, 89% found some pain relief from using ReumoDol when compared to not taking anything at all, and 87% of People felt about As Good or Better than when using Reumofan Plus after 1 full Month of Use. 92% Of Users who stopped using Reumofan Plus found Relief when they use ReumoDol.


I'm a Constant User of Reumofan Plus, Why should I switch to ReumoDol instead?


Very Simple: ReumoDol is 100% NATURAL GUARANTEEED, it is SAFE, EFFECTIVE and without any of the Side-Effects or Harmful Ingredients that Reumofan Plus contains. Secondly: Remember that the Effects of Reumofan Plus are CUMULATIVE the Longer you use it, the more you expose yourself to these side-effects. Remember that Reumofan Plus was recalled from the market in Mexico because the ingredients it contains can have harmful side-effects. ReumoDol is the Strongest Natural Formula around to give you the BEST Results on a 100% Natural Product.

Remember, the Simple Fact is: Reumofan Plus is NOT A NATURAL PRODUCT! Some lots were found to Contain at least 2 Chemical Ingredients which when used Long-Term Could have potentially Harmful Side-Effects

It is your Decisicion whether you wish to use Reumofan Plus, But at least now you are aware of the Risks...and Also aware that THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE that won't harm you! ReumoDol is a Product that has been proven to be 100% Natural and Effective and that does not pose a Risk to your Health. See how different your life could be with a Trully 100% NATURAL PRODUCT: REUMODOL


This Page is for Informational Purposes Only. It is meant to inform of *potential* side-effects from using certain lots of the Product Reumofan Plus manufactured by Riger Natural SA de CV. These were published by the FDA as a warning to consumers. We inform you of these as a means to Keep our customers Educated, make sure that they are fully aware of what this product has and market a new Joint-Health Supplement that is made here in the United States as a viable aid that may help in providing some relief to pain and inflamation. Please note that the potential side-effects does not Mean that everyone will have them, nor does it mean that you received a tainted supplement as not all lots were tested.


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