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Innovacion Natural - From our Family to Yours

As a Family Owned and Operated Business we Thank You for giving us the opportunity to assist you and share in your Wellness and Beauty journey.
Supporting your Wellness, Diet and Beauty Goals since 2010
family_restroom   Family Owned
We thank you for shopping with us at Innovacion Natural and supporting a Family business. What started as a small store owned and operated by our Matriarch Eunice in Compton, CA was soon joined by her Husband and later on by their Son to go online and be able to reach and help more people beyond the Los Angeles area and soon to all the United States.
favorite   Family Operated
Mom, Dad and Son continue to operate the company. Additionally over the years at Innovacion Natural we have had extended family members join us (cousins, aunts and more) and other family combos such as Mother/Daughter Teams, Sisters, Nieces, Cousin and more. All of whom believe in our Mission and who assist in the many operations that are required to properly assist you. 

When we say Innovacion is family run, we mean it. 

From our families to yours, we are grateful for the opportunity to assist you in your wellness journey and to deliver some of the best natural products in the world to your door.

female   Woman Strong
Over 80% of our Innovacion family are powerful, skilled, innovating women who occupy positions in all levels of the company and operations. Starting with our COO Eunice, our Wholesale Director and all Management of Operations, Production, Shipping and more. We are a company driven by Women, supporting of Women and nurturing of everyone! 
volunteer_activism   Skilled and Caring
We are more than just an e-commerce shop. We carefully select our catalog and only carry or produce those products that our own families would use and benefit from. You are part of our extended family and we make sure to do our best to test, vet and get proof of the efficacy and results of our products. On our staff we have Nutritionists, Licensed Estheticians (for all those Beauty recommendations) and skilled researchers to carry only what will deliver the results you are looking for. Our catalog is small, but you can be assured that it is chosen with love.
spa   Best Products, Fair Pricing
Our goal at Innovacion Natural has always been to procure or produce the very best natural products, with proven ingredients and a track record of results for you. One additional criteria is that they be affordable for most with a price of less than $30 per month. Our catalog is limited only to products that meet that criteria. What you will find on our site are true Gems in the industry, each proven, each with dozens or more reviews of satisfied customers who have achieved their goals using our products. You will find discounts for buying more than 1 unit, so that you may share with Friends, Family or even resell to others to bring these benefits to them. Our pricing is fair, reflecting the value of the product without overcharging you and offering you discounts when possible. We rarely increase prices, we only re-assess about once per year to ensure we can secure enough stock and continue to operate to deliver these products to you.
auto_awesome   Thank you for supporting a Small Business!
We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to assist you. When you shop with us directly, you are helping to provide meaningful work to ourselves and our staff all of whom work together to procure, produce, store, pick, pack and ship the products you love. Thank you for helping us keep our commitment to our Staff, our Community and to You our esteemed Customers and to continue to assist you on your wellness journey.

With Love and Gratitude,
Eunice - COO

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