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  • Cloruro de Magnesio Puro
  • Contiene 2 bolsas de 50g cada una. Contains 3.5 oz in total.
  • Magnesium Chloride Pure Dietary Supplement.

Magnesium Chloride 200 Servings Cloruro de Magnesio 100g

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Informacion en Espanol

Cloruro de Magnesio 100% Puro de Vida Magnesio. Mas de 200 Raciones por Caja. 100g (3.5oz)

El Cloruro de Magnesio mas puro y mas reconocido de Coyoacan quimica (Coqui) para proporcionarte con todo el magnesio que necesita tu cuerpo.

Elimina la deficiencia de magnesio. Ayuda a minimizar dolores de articulaciones, musculos y huesos y apoya a mejorar dozenas de condiciones que pueden ser empeoradas por la deficiencia de magnesio.

Como se usa:

Disuelva el contenido de un sobre (50g) en 1.5 litros de agua purificada. Para adultos de 40 anos de edad y mayores: tomar 1/2 copita (25ml) en ayunas (el equivalente a un shot tequilero).

Recomendacion general para diferentes edades:
De 10 a 39 años: ½ dosis
De 40 a 70 años: 1 dosis a la mañana.
De 71 en adelante: Una dosis a la mañana y otra a la noche  
Las dosis son generales y usted puede ajustarla como sea necesario (mas o menos).

Dissolve the contents of one envelope (50g) in 1.5 Liters of purified water. For Adults 40 years of age and older take 1/2 a shot glass (25mL) before breakfast daily.

English Product Description

Magnesium Chloride Flakes 100% Pure. Over 200 Servings Per Box, Easy To Mix and Use.

This is one of the Most Used Magnesium Chloride Supplements, in it's pure highly concentrated crystals to provide your body with the magnesium it needs on a daily basis.

Help eliminate magnesium deficiency. All Natural aid that may help to minimize joint pain, muscle and other structural aches as well as helping to improve over a dozen conditions that may worsen as a result of magnesium deficiency. Yes the taste is very much a Magnesium taste but it's easy to absorb, works quickly and has over 200 servings per box.

How to Use:

Dissolve the contents of one envelope (50g) in about 6.5 Cups of purified water. For Adults 40 years of age and older take 1/2 a shot glass (25mL) before breakfast daily.

Dosage recommendation for different ages:
Ages 10 through 39 años: ½ dose
Ages 40 through 70 años: 1 dose in the morning.
Ages 71 and on: Une dose in the morning and one at night (double dose)
These are general suggestions for use and may be adjusted by you as necessary (either increased or decreased).

How do I know if I've taken too much? Generally the only issue with taking too much Magnesium is that you would have a looser than normal bowel movement. If that occurss just lower the dose until you no longer experience this and this is the correct amount of magnesium for you.

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