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NEW PRODUCT - Alipotec 30 Day Limited Edition

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Alipotec 30 Day Special Edition

Yes It's the Authentic Tejocote Root and We're Happy to Have it Available! 

Hi Innovation Nation! 

We just wanted to announce that after months of asking we have the 30 Day Supply of Alipotec Available for sale. We know many of you will have some questions regarding the product and we hope you find this post informative and that it answers your questions and eases any concerns. Anything not answered here feel free to comment or reach out to us directly by sending us a message or chat using the form on the lower right corner. Thank you!

Is this Authentic? 

Absolutely. Otherwise we would not carry it. This is the #1 question we get asked, and with good reason! We totally understand the concern about the authenticity of a popular product like Alipotec. We are aware that there are inauthentic versions of the product being sold right now. Some are easy to ID others are not. For months there has been an Unauthorized and Inauthentic 30 day version being sold. This is not that one. This is a Limited Edition 100% Authorized and Alipotec direct 30 Day Supply. 

How can we be sure? 

As a Family-owned company serving you for the last Decade nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our customers, our Innovation Nation! We would Never risk your health, your results Or our reputation by selling inauthentic products. And now thanks to Alipotec we don't have to. We have ways for you to verify the Authenticity of any product you purchased directly with the manufacturer so you can be Sure what you're taking is the real deal. 

Why is this 30 Day version being released now? 

"If you can't beat them join them". The 30 Day supply is being released now thanks to Alipotec for listening to customers! Alipotec, like Innovacion, deeply cares about it's customers and they realize that the best way to fight piracy and inauthentic products is to get rid of all the ways they can confuse customers. For months now there has been an Unauthorized (and inauthentic) 30 Day supply being sold. To help customers have access to a legitimate Alipotec and Quality controlled Tejocote Root, Alipotec has decided to make this 30 Day Supply available so Nobody has to settle for Inauthentic and Ineffective Products. 

How can you tell the difference? 

To make it easier to identify the Legitimate 30 Day supply, the design has been changed a little. You can see some Pictures here: 30 DAY ALIPOTEC. Instead of the Green /White colors for the 90 Day supply, the 30 Day supply comes in a Bright blue borders making it easy to identify. 

Why did it take so long to get a 30 Day Version on the market? 

The Best Results from your Alipotec Tejocote Root diet happen when you use it at least 90 Days. Alipotec has been on the market for Over 7 Years, with Tens of Thousands of Happy, Healthier Customers. So trust us, they know what they're talking about! and they recommend you use the product for at least 90 days to decide if it's a good fit for you. So in a way you're not getting the full benefits if you just try it for 1 month and that's why it always came in a 90 day supply. However because the Tejocote Root that Alipotec uses is so pure and of such high quality, Most people will still see some benefits and experience a difference in 30 days. Enough for you try and decide to keep on using it! 

Is there any other difference between the 30 and 90 day supplies? 

None! Its the exact same Highest quality root in both. Only difference is now you have an option :) 

We know a 30 Day version is more convenient for some customers. It's easier to Try. It's easier to budget for (although we have some Fantastic deals on the 90 day supply!). Both Innovacion Natural and Alipotec are here to listen to you and we've heard our customers who prefer a 30 day supply. We hope you're as happy as we are that it's finally here! 


Innovacion Natural 

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