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Artichoke Liquid Vials: Latest Update


Written and Edited by Alvaro Pastor

To Our dear and esteemed clients, 

At the end of May we had to inform you of the unfortunate news that we were asked by the distributing agencies in the US to stop the sale of the artichoke liquid vials on our site due to concerns that the "Pop" method of oppening the ampules was neither the easiest nor the safest for the consumers. Due to the potential (tho low and rare) that someone might cut themselves while opening the ampule or that there might be tiny shards of glass when you pored the liquid to mix it, GN+Vida working closely with the FDA worked hard to change the liquid vials that are sold in the United States. Of course this was a long process and this is the reason why you have been unable to purchase your vials from our page since the end of May. The following questions are some of the most asked about this unfortunate situation and we hope that this information will help to clear up some of these doubts. As always, if you have any other doubts, please feel free to contact and we would be happy to help. 

  • Are the artichoke liquid vials going off the market completely? 
    • No! Of course not :)! The liquid ampules are temporarily unavailable until the new packaging made for sale in the US is approved for general distribution. 
  • When will the artichoke ampules go back on sale? It's been so long!
    • You are absoultely right! Tho we knew it would take some time...we didn't quite expect it to be this long. GN+Vida worked hard to manufacture a product line that would be allowed to be sold in the US. However, even after the product was finished, it still has to be tested for safety by the FDA to ensure that the new method of opening the vials would comply with the safety measures. All of this of course, takes time. The latest information that we have received is that they should be available for sale by the beginning to mid-August.
  • Are the new vials going to be in plastic? 
    • Although we had original anticipated that GN+Vida would change the vials to plastic for the US market, we have been informed that the most probably presentation is that the vial itself will still be in glass, but it is the *top* that has changed. It is no longer a "Pop" kind of top, but rather it is a twist top, to make opening them easier, as well as eliminating the possibility of glass mixing in with your drink. 
  • Why didn't they just make them in plastic? 
    • Although we do not know the exact reason (as there are several possible candidates), as Certified Herbal Consultants, we can tell you that most Herbalists prefer that extracts and herbal tinctures be kept in amber colored glass to insure the purity and strength of the extract. Some Herbalists feel rather strongly that storing these extracts in plastic, being that it is synthetic, might somehow interact or diminish the properties of the extract. Of course, we don't know just how much that would change the potency, but it is generally accepted that glass containers are best to keep liquid extracts. 
  • So then you guys Are going to continue to sell the artichoke vials from GN+Vida? 
    • Of course! As soon as we are allowed to sell them, you will find the artichoke vials right back where they belong at 
  • What can we do while they're still unavailable? 
    • If you want to continue the benefits of the formula, you can always use the Artichoke Capsules. 

In the mean time, while the ampules are unavailable, we have worked hard to expand the Alcachofivida Artichoke weight control line. We have launched THREE new products from Artichoke: Artichoke Tea, Artichoke Fiber, and Canary Seed Milk with Artichoke! 
Look for a thorough discussion and tips on usage of these three wonderful products in future postings! 

As a last thought, we know that many of you have been on our waiting list since May. Perhaps you thought that we forgot you and did not keep our promise to notify you when the ampules were again available. We did not! We would never forget to notify you, we promised to update you as soon as they are once again available and rest assured that we will follow through on that promise. We thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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